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    The theme song was done in (HD?) widescreen!

    The original themesong used in Pilot and Red Dress has been found in natural 16:9 widescreen! Take a look! I found a way to remove the YouTube video that was causing problems and will try again tomorrow, but just use the link in my second post for now. Thanks!
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    Merrin Dungey has a role on the sitcom Better Off Ted

    Merrin Dungey who played Kitty Kenarban on Malcolm, now has a role in the (very intelligent) sitcom, Better Off Ted. Which MITM writer, Michael Glouberman writes, too. Merrin plays a charecter named Sheila and was introduced in season one and was brought back this season. She was in tonight's...
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    'Malcolm' is back on BBC2 as part of their "Switch" programming block aimed at teens!

    'Malcolm' is back on BBC2 as part of their "Switch" programming block aimed at teens! 'Malcolm' is back on BBC2 as part of their "Switch" programming block aimed at teens! The title says it all. Check out these links:
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    Product Placement in "If Boys Were Girls"

    I was watching the ep "If Boys Were Girls" and I noticed at a scene with the girls sitting at a table, they all had cups with soda. But, all were generic brand styles, except for "Girl Dewey/Daisey"'s cup. It had Pepsi on it! :D P.S. I noticed N@N had cut out a lot of scenes, they cut out a few...
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    Most Controversial 'Malcolm' Episode

    What do you think is the most controversial episode? I would say "Thanksgiving" followed by "Poker #2". What do you think?:D
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    Does anybody know or is related to one of the cast or crew members?

    My question:D Does anybody know or is related to one of the cast or crew members? I do. My dad went to school with Ken Kwapis. So when I was young, they found out he worked on the show and shortly after it became a smash hit, they watched it. And so did I. My 1st episode:"Krelboyne Picnic". :D
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    Malcolm in the Middle rated TV-14?

    I read on Wikipedia that some episodes were TV-14 instead of the usual TV-PG. Now, my local FOX affiliate airs some as TV-14, but were some originally aired as TV-14 and cut down to TV-PG for syndication? Or were any aired as a TV-PG DL for example but cut down to just TV-PG in syndication due...
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    MITMVC Site changes!

    Attention all MITM VC members, I noticed that the site design looked different. there is no more picture of Malcolm and the family, and the "Watch and Download' Button is missing, and the 'Malcolm in the Middle' logo is not the one from before it looks different and kinda fake and sloppy, was it...
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    'Malcolm' Episode or not?

    My friend says he hates "MITM", he said he watched 2, later he said it was all one episode, episodes. I dont remember them. 1. An episode where a kid gets forced to play Monopoly by one of the boys of the family???:confused: 2. An Episode where (I had to tell him their names) Francis and Otto...
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    Malcolm in the Middle 10th Anniversary!

    On January 9th, 2010 at 8:30 PM GMT-4 will be the official 10th anniversary of MITM. What should we do to celebrate? I think that we should try to get every member online, but what other suggestions do you have? Thanks, deweyinthemiddle:D
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    Malcolm in the Middle now on The N/TEENNICK!

    'Malcolm will start airing on The N/TEENNICK in November.:D
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    Calling all fans in the US and UK! 'Malcolm' must be released!

    Petition for 'Malcolm'! Send emails to Itunes requesting it! Send to Fox! Nick at Nite! Hulu! I'll post contact links. Here's the U.S. Itunes store request:, here's US Hulu, there's email contact and message boards.Spread the word...
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    Malcolm in the Middle on Sky1 in HD widescreen?

    Just a question, how does MITM air all seasons in HD Widescreen on SKY1? They don't do that in the US. How did sky1 put all seasons of Malcolm on tv in HD widescreen? was it upscaled? how did they do it with out cutting out the credits or the inscreen credits at the bottom such as: "Directed...
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    What's the deal with Ranks, User Titles & Avatars?

    I need help. It's kind of a dumb question,but, what are the member icons(the Malcolm heads that go from junior member to moderator)? What do they mean, represent, or symbolize? How do you gain ranks? I'm kind of new and I haven't quite figured out the site yet. so, if you can help, that would be...
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    Malcolm in the Middle Now Airing on 'Nick at Nite'

    'Malcolm' re-runs are now going to be shown Sun-Thurs on Nick @ Nite, starting Sunday, July 5, 2009 at 8:00 eastern! :D
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    New Malcolm Wiki Website?

    We should have a Malcolm in the Middle Wiki website tied with this one. just a though.:)