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  1. tony_montana

    I joined the US Marines!

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let you guys know that I have enlisted in the United States Marine Corp! I actually enlisted a few weeks ago. I have already gone to MEPS (the military processing station), got swore in, and have my papers and such. I ship out to Parris Island here in South Carolina on...
  2. tony_montana

    MITM Hang man

    Ok, this is hangman, the Malcolm in the Middle version! Ok, Ill start off posting lines like so: _ _ _ _ _. Each line is a letter. You just guess letters....look, Im sure we know how to play hangman dont we? ;D Ok, here's the first one! It is a character's name: _ _ _ _ _ Five chances to get...
  3. tony_montana

    Happy Birthday, Justin!

    I just want to simply say: HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, JUSTIN BERFIELD!!!! GOD BLESS! :) :) :) Yep, today is his 21st birthday! Just want to wish him the best!
  4. tony_montana

    The Wrestling Thread!!!!

    I know we have wrestling fans here(Murph and myself, and there may be others), so I made this thread for all us wrestling fans! Anyways, Murph(or any other wrestling fan) what do you think of Undertaker winning the Royal Rumble? I think it's about time! ;D
  5. tony_montana

    The year later

    Not trying to kill the good mood, but I just remembered that this past week marks one year since the really bad day that we learned that MITM had been cancelled. I just want to ask how you guys reacted to the news when you read it online? How did you feel? I remember that I checked my email and...
  6. tony_montana

    Justin's website

    This question is directed mainly at Rye: Hey, when is Justin's website gonna be back up? It's been down a couple of weeks now.
  7. tony_montana

    Publix Stories

    It was a sunny day at the Publix supermarket in Easley, South Carolina. A Publix employee was going through the usual routine of taking bugees out to the lobby terminal where the doors where so that people could easily grab a bugee when they came in. The employee was doing this one day when a...
  8. tony_montana

    Going away

    Ill be going away until Thursday starting tomorrow, so Ill see(or talk) to you guys when I get back on Thursday! :)
  9. tony_montana

    MITM: Seventh Birthday

    As some of you may know, Malcolm In the Middle turns seven next week(the 9th, to be exact). So this thread is just to talk about our favorites and everything in particular that has to do with the show(I mean anything, from favorite episode to favorite character to least favorite character to...
  10. tony_montana

    Favorite Birthday episode

    I got to thinking about it, and I realized how good some of the birthday episodes are! I just wanted to ask what your favorite is! The birthday episodes that come to my mind are: 1. Lois's Birthday 2. Forwards Backwards(Malcolm's Birthday) 3. Hal's Birthday 4. Baby part 1(Dewey's Birthday) 5...
  11. tony_montana

    I Spy: MITM Version

    Hey, here is the brand new I Spy: MITM Version! Hope everyone enjoys this! Ok, Ill get it started. Try to name either the episode OR the character the i spy pertains to: I spy with my little eye....a shiny blue jumpsuit!
  12. tony_montana

    James Bond!!

    I just wanted to ask: who else here are James Bond fans(or am I the only one)? I know we had quite a few at the old VC. Anyways, if you are, list your 5 favorite Bond films and 3 favorite actors who played Bond. You can also list your 5 least liked Bond films. 5 Fav. Bond films: 1. On Her...
  13. tony_montana

    Game Ideas

    This is a thread for talking about game ideas and such(the title is pretty much self explanatory). I have one cool idea, but I don't know if we can do it or not. The idea is that one of us uses that flash program(or something) and get pictures of MITM and make little "cards" that are turned...
  14. tony_montana

    Old stuff with MITM cast members

    I just wanted to ask you guys if any of you can find older shows/commercials/etc with cast members of MITM(like someone can post clips of Jane from that Christmas movie with John Denver). I mainly made this thread cause I found this on Youtube: It is...
  15. tony_montana

    "Help Me Help You" and other MitM-related stuff

    What's the new show she's on? Does anyone know the name of it(I keep forgetting)?
  16. tony_montana

    Getting/got for Christmas?

    Well, it's Christmas eve, so I just wanted to ask what you guys asked for for Christmas, and how you are going to spend Christmas day. I asked for a PSP and a game for it (Medal of Honor:Heroes) and I THINK my brother got me the volume 1 collection of the James Bond movies (I don't know for...
  17. tony_montana

    Season season?

    Maybe a little too early for this thread since(at press time) there are THREE of us here, but hey, Im gonna post it anyways! I got to thinking about it, and I think season 7 was probably the very best of all the seasons for the reasons of: 1. Everything came full circle 2. The characters had...
  18. tony_montana

    Family Matters!

    (cool, i get first thread of Tiki Lounge!!) Anyways, Ive been watching "Family Matters", and it reminds me alot of MITM(except the Winslows are not as dysfunctional as the Wilkersons). Does anyone here remember Family Matters? With Carl, Harriette, Laura, Eddie, and of course, Steve Urkel? ;D
  19. tony_montana

    Wilkerson Arrest Record

    I was just thinking about it, and I thought this would make for an interesting thread. I realized that, with the exception of Dewey and Malcolm, every other major member of the Wilkerson family has been arrested at least once! :D Let's see if I can remember all of them: Reese: Arrested in...
  20. tony_montana


    I was just thinking of my favorite old cartoon shows earlier, and I remembered Doug! :D Lol, I remember when I was younger and that show was still airing, I would watch it all the time! Do you guys remember it? Let's see, there was Doug, his dog Porkchop(:D ), Skeeter(his blue friend:D )...