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    Dewey's candy

    Remember when Dewey couldn't eat candy in Company Picnic because he would go nuts? He must have outgrown that by the time he got the cotton candy machine.
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    Hal's court case

    So when Hal was being accused of the horrible crimes against his company, why was it that all the dates on the board were a Friday? He specifically said "every one" is a Friday so it's not just like several were. That would be quite the incredible coincidence that all the days he was accused...
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    The house

    Along the same lines as the floorplan thread, I've heard that there is a real hosue they film in as well as a fake house, or just a typical set. First of all, where did they say this? I don't remember hearing it in the commentary on the dvd. And second, why would they even need a set? I...
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    Elaborate sets

    Lately I have been noticing the show's very elaborate things it does to the sets, usually the house. Hal and Dewey's dominoes, or Dewey's legos, or Hal's decision tree, or the thoroughly destroyed house after they got rid of the bats, it seems like Malcom in the Middle has far more complex...
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    Wilkerson - Family Name / Last Name / Surname

    What is the family's Last Name / Surname / Family Name? The surname of the family was meant to be a secret, but Francis's name tag clearly states "Wilkerson". On the set, however, a comman cast joke was that the surname was "Nolastname". "Nolastname" was used in the final episode (Graduation)...