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    Frankie's racing

    Hey, I haven't posted here in a while, but still watching MITM and glad to see that the forum is still going well. I just wondered if someone could fill me in on Frankie's racing? I know absolutely NOTHING about racing and I just wondered how he's doing? Is he good and has he won anything?
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    The James Joyce Award

    Erik Per Sullivan won this last year. Does anybody know what this is?
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    TV/DVD Pilot differences

    I hadn't noticed this before, but the version of the pilot I watched via that utorrent is different to the UK version. Firstly, the song, I belive in miracles, you sexy thing is replaced by something else which isn't as funny, and the song when the camera comes out of Stevie's room is different...
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    Who do you most relate to on MITM?

    I think one of the reasons I love MitM so much is that I can really relate to it. I am the same age as Erik (dewey) and the youngest in my family so I relate to when the others are all mean to him lol and him growing up through the seasons also my brother is stupid and mean and a really good...
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    Any TV shows that you love as much as MITM?

    For me it's desperate housewives and the simpsons
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    When they filmed the series?

    Did they film like a whole season over the summer, or did they film each episode a month or a week or whatever before they aired? I've always wondered this, like how much of their lives they actually spent on set and did they have tutors and stuff?
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    Chances of a reunion episode?

    What do you think the chances are of like an hour long episode to see what the family is up to now? Wld u guys want that or think it might ruin it? I think it wld b cool its something i'd like to see but I think graduation was a pretty cool ending and a reunion ep might not be as good and will...
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    Bbc 2 (two)

    Hey! I'm new. I wasn't quite sure where to introduce myself so I thought I would write a new thread :thumbup1: I was just wondering if anyone knew what season bbc2 were commisioned until and when they officially stopped showing MITM. It's my all time favourite programme and I watched seasons 1...