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    The UK<->US theory

    Ok im thinking of purchasing some items off amazon.COM. My problem is that The same item isnt listed in .CO.UK. so my theory is 'When i pay for the Video in question, will it automatically convert the currency to sterling?(im in the UK)' Also is there a way round the 'You are not in the US'...
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    The Three Item challenge

    Ok some may think this is like the clues,/quotes quizzes, but the idea is someone chooses an episode, and thinks of Three items that are individually or collectively unique to that episode, possibly make a cryptic clue involving them items for the next person to guess. Please try to justify...
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    Is it real? Erik Per Sullivan Myspace

    Does Erik Sullivan have a myspace? if so, what is it? I dont have a facebook so i wanted to know if he had myspace