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    What kind of music is that?

    Hello there people! I was rewatching MITM again and in episode 2x03 Lois' Birthday, there was one song that I found interesting. While Francis talks to the Mozambik girl on the bus, a catchy song is played with chorus-like cheery singing. it starts at about 00:03:40 of this episode. Does...
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    Song from 6x11 - Dewey's Opera

    Hi there. I have a little question. What's the name of song played when Malcolm races Stevie on those boards?
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    I'm new guy here and I have a question... It feels like I'm about to ask a noob question but... Why is this website called Voting Community?
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    Hello everybody!

    I live in Poland and I'm big fan of Malcolm In The middle. Polish TV also aired MITM but... like they do with all the tv serials they air: with lector, commercials and not in the right order. That's why I've been looking for episodes to download over the internet and I found them here. (Big...