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    Burning Man

    does it actually exist?
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    The guy in the supermarket that wants Lois

    is he called Craig or Greg?
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    We will take you up on that homecooked meal

    there is an episode where the boys are locked in a carnival when it has shut. At the end, Lois says to the circus people "we will take you up on that home cooked meal some time". Is this supposed to be a joke? Who would cook for who? :confused:
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    Favourite episodes/worst episodes

    in reverse order, my top three episodes would be 3) Bowling 2) Burning Man 1) Book Club the episodes i dont care for are 1) The Dewey Opera one 2) The clip shows 3) The one where Lois burns her hand with the teddy bear
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    How many episodes?

    my TIVO has 153 shows recorded, but there only appears to be 151. Are the other two maybe clip shows?