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  1. MalcolmFun

    Catch racing with Frankie in it

    catch racing with Frankie in it, starting today or next week
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    Wacky Bryan Cranston Interview

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    Frankie's new racing season
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    Jane Kaczmarek Parade Mag Interview [Photos]

    Front Page Post More of the photoshoot in our GALLERY. Thanks to MalcolmFun | Source:
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    Sunday race is homecoming for Jersey boy Muniz
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    I've never seen this before. Lots of old interviews and stuff up there. Im not positive, but it looks like a second official site to complement
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    Cloris Leachman (Ida) on 'Dancing With The Stars' [Video]

    Cloris Leachman (IDA) to be on Dancing With The Stars [See Front Page Post for Video] Cloris Leachman who played Grandma Ida in Malcolm in the Middle was on Dancing With The Stars this year. She got knocked out halfway, but thats pretty impressive for an 82 year old! Our friends over at...
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    Malcolm in the Middle Star and Professional Racecar Driver Frankie Muniz Becomes Bran

    Malcolm in the Middle Star and Professional Racecar Driver Frankie Muniz Becomes Brand Ambassador of Sun-Rich International Last update: 10:21 a.m. EDT Aug. 20, 2008 CHICAGO, Aug 20, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Frankie Muniz, famed actor of Malcolm in the Middle, Agent Cody Banks, Big Fat...
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    Justin Berfield Sued Over 'Escobar' Movie

    Second Malcolm Actor in Legal Drama No, not Jane in Raising the Bar. Justin Berfield has some unfortunate legal troubles. He is being sued over the movie Escobar which he is supposed to be producing!
  10. Frankie Muniz in Edmonton July 2008

    Frankie Muniz in Edmonton July 2008

    <p>Frankie Muniz with girlfriend Elycia Marie.</p>
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    Racing Safety Interview

  12. Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Champ Car Race

    Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Champ Car Race

    <p>Frankie Muniz at Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Champ Car Race.</p> <p>April 20, 2008.</p>
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    Malcolm comes to an end

    Not sure if anyone has seen this already...a pretty good story about the end of the show. Bryan is so funny. "The stench of funny"
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    Long Beach Grand Prix

    The 2008 Atlantic championship with Frankie in it has begun. The first race just concluded in Long Beach, California and was won by Simona De Silvestro (yes a woman). Frankie finished in 15th place out of 23 cars. That doesnt sound super but is a pretty good improvement compared to last year...
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    This is old but I never saw it, pretty nice.
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    Random Muniz Blogging

    Race cars, blinged out cars, girlfriend, partying...I wont really comment except to say he got over Jamie pretty fast.
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    Bryan Cranston on ‘Talkshow with Spike Feresten’ [Video]

    Bryan appeared on Talkshow with Spike Feresten promoting the first season of Breaking Bad. [See Front Page Post for Video] Pre-order the first season of Breaking Bad.
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    "Britney Law" may help Frankie?

    It really is true the paparazzi are getting worse then ever. In years past you would never really hear about this stuff on the regular news. You would have to look in People or the Enquirer. Now this stuff is everywhere as if it is vital news for our society. Frankie recently had the good...
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    Bryan Cranston on ‘Jay Leno’ and ‘Rachael Ray’ [Video]

    Front Page Post Bryan Cranston (Hal) was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on last Thursday night and Rachael Ray Friday morning. He was promoting Breaking Bad which is currently airing. Jay Leno, who said he'd never watched Malcolm in the Middle (!!) talked about Bryan's childhood and how he...
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    Frankie Muniz in his Garage [Photos]

    As you usual the paparazzi are out of control lately. I would not be surprised to see Frankie leave L.A. to get away from this. There is one reason I just had to post this though. First person to see what Im talking about I crown you ultimate Malcolm fan of this thread.