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    Favourite character?

    I know there's a thread about this, but I want to make a poll to see who's more loved :tongue:
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    Petition: Season 2 on DVD!

    I don't know if you already knew about this petition... it's kinda old (2005) but people keep signing it... It asks for the 2nd Season to be released on DVD. You can sign it here: It has almost 800 signatures... (really, not too much) but if...
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    Season 3 downloads - no cold openers?

    Hi there... I've download the Season 3 from here, and it doesn't have cold openers... is it normal? Did they took the cold openers in the 3rd Season? ;)
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    Watch MITM Season 1 (ONLINE)

    Hey, for those who want, you can watch the first season ONLINE here: :thumbup1: Hope u enjoy!
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    Hey Fellas!

    Hello everybody! I'm new here so.. just to say hi! =P So... about me? I'm 16, I live in Portugal and I just LOVE MITM! I'm almost finishing the 2nd Season and I can already say this is my favourite show EVER! The show has already been in portuguese TV but I never followed the show... I saw...