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    Does anybody here have a xanga. if you dont then you should get one. you just got to and if you do get one post your sn here so people can go to yours, heres mine: it would be really cool if everybody got one.
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    Religious beliefs

    In school we have to do this report thing about other peoples religions. I was kind of wondering what your religious beliefs are and this could kind of help me with my report. As a lot of you may know, I am a christian and its kind of hard to explain religious beliefs but we just believe that...
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    Question about "Blackout" episode

    I was looking at and it lists one of the episode names as Blackout.Does this sound like it could be a clip show or flashback episode. After all, what kind of storylines can you come up with and how interesting can an episode be if it takes place in complete darkness. What do you think???
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    Hooking friends to Malcolm

    Have you ever got any of your friends hooked on Malcolm. I do all the time. Whenever a friend comes over to my house I always ask if they'd ever heard of Malcolm In the Middle. Suprisingly, alot of the time tehy say no. So, I pull out my season 1 DVD and watch the pilot with them. They are...
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    MITM Season 2 Release Date (Possible Rumour)

    Unfortunately, if you live in America you shouldnt get that excited, but for the fans in the U.K. I just heard that season 2 will be realesed sometime in mid January. Now us American fans have to wait for it too.
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    Is Malcolm "innapropiate"?

    One of my friends who is twelve years old and is a huge malcolm fan is no longer allowed to watch it because her parents think that it is an innapropiate show. So I was thinking, if I had a child when would let her watch a show like this. I would probably let a twelve year old watch it but I...
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    Closed Threads Suggestion

    I have noticed that there is a lot more closed threads lately. I do not have anything wrong with this in fact I think it is a good improvement. But when I went to the tiki lounge and scrolled down the first page I noticed that almost half the threads were closed which which is really annoyong...
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    TV shows on dvd

    I know we are all anxious about malcolm in the middle season 2 on dvd. But it appears we may have to wait awhile, but that doesnt mean we cant get exited about other shows on dvd. We can have a thread where we update people abouqt other popular shows coming out on dvd. here are a couple of min...
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    Lost Password

    Re: Malcolm in the Middle game. Hi everybody. This is wiscman. I know i havent been on in awhile because I forgot my password:mad: and im having a hard time sorting it out and getting a new one. As soon as I do I will definitely be back and posting alot. Wisconsinite is my sister and has...
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    Malcolm in the Middle game.

    I got this one off of Anyway all of the characters start with 4 points. You can pick one character to add a point to and one character to take a point away from. You can vote more than once but not in the same post. Once a character gets down to zero he/she is eliminated. Also, you can...
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    Everyone's Favorite Episode Poll [Season 1]

    I thought it might be interesting to know what everyones favorite episode is. Then i thought to make it into a poll. All you have to do is put your favorite episode and why. We'll start with Season 1. At the end of the month, I'll post the results. Thanks.
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    What is your guys favorite foods and favorite places to eat. I personally like pizza and chicken the best. My favorite places to eat out are Culvers ( A wisconsin restaraunt), Arbys, Red Lobster, T.G.I. Fridays, and Applebees. what about you guys.
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    hey im new, my friend rmfhotties92 told me about this site, and i am soooo excited to be on! I LOVE MITM, and im loooking forward to talking about it with other fans.
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    Longest Thread Ever!

    I was searching through different MITM websites and saw that one thread had over 800 replys!!! On one thread. Now i think that we can beat that. Relpy as much as you want. It can be about nothing but dont forget the goal of 800 replys. Have fun!
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    Which episode is this?

    Which episode is the one where Hal and Lois think Lois is pregnant when they're really not and they have flashabacks of when they had theyre kids? I can't remember. Thanks!