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    Malcolm' star allegedly punched his girlfriend
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    Video file conversion help

    Hi - I used a little digital camera and recorded an AVI file which is a gigantic 500MB. Can anyone point me to software or a site to convert the AVI file into something smaller? What's the idea file format to post a video on Youtube? Thx all in advance
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    Sons of Tucson - Episode 3

    What a nice change of pace in this episode. Directed by Fred Savage, this episode was a lot simpler and less contrived. A classmate of Robby's (youngest brother) wants to come over for a sleepover. Ron (fake dad) agrees only because he wants to get on good terms with the kid's dad who happens...
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    The Middle - getting better

    Hey - didn't someone say in a CHAT that THE MIDDLE has some connection with MITM? Crew or a writer or producer? I've been catching the last couple episodes and it's been getting better. Or say it's growing on me. I still think it seriously needs a caffeine injection with an MITM director, but...
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    Sons of Tucson - Episode 2

    While we all had high expectations about Justin Berfield's new series, I was hoping that the flighty pilot would settle down into a good comedy routine. Well, episode 2 of SOT - The Break In - aired last night and I was again disappointed at how unlikable the characters are. In last night's...
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    Bryan Cranston Stars in ‘Funny or Die’ Video

    Front Page Post <em>Funny and bizarre. Never heard so many euphemisms for a fart before!</em> <strong>Sense of Smell w/ Bryan Cranston</strong> - Iraq War vet Tyler (Bryan) has had enough and finally deals with all of the other rude party guests. Produced by <a...
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    Pearl Harbor

    This episode just re-ran here in the US on Nick and I was floored at how funny it was. This is the episode where Malcolm and Reese believe the other is gay. Their little dance to Abba's "Take a Chance" PLUS Dewey's reaction shot is brilliant comedy. Now, to my horror, how could I not notice...
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    Greetings and salutations

    Hi - I'm new to this site but a long time MITM fan. Found this place by accident when Bryan Cranston (or his assistant) emailed me about his video chat!:D I split my time between Austin, Texas and Los Angeles. I work in marketing. When I'm not watching MITM re-runs - it's on every night here...
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    Beer with Bryan - TJ must take pics

    I believe the title says it all:) On tonight's chat, Bryan Cranston announced he was flying to London this week, and that he'd have a pint or three with TJ. So, TJ, hope you bring a camera and take lots of pics! We should set up a paypal account to send u money to buy him drinks!