5x04 Thanksgiving still

5x04 Thanksgiving still

The photo properties reveal that this part of the episode was shot on September 9, 2003.
Definitely! Whether it's a peach masquerading as an olive, or a tooth hurting like hell, Hal delivers! ;)
I start realizing now how these set stills work out the way they are. Often, they show just one scene, and more often than not, this will be at the studio set of MITM, because professional photographers are around anyway, and it's cheapest to hire them just for one day. MITM episodes were shot over the period of about a week, and it's very expensive to have them around on various location shoots. I guess that's why, sadly, the stills are often limited to one scene, or one location.
Hmm, compared to production costs, I find it hard to believe the photographers are that expensive, my guess is they have many photos not published. Yes most episodes are filmed over a week.
Well, it's still guesswork, but I've been wondering why a lot of the best or at least key scenes of MITM weren't captured, or let's say are not shown, to stay on the safe side. You know that filming an episode involves a lot of waiting for the right weather, for other prop guys, actors, cameramen and riggers to get ready, and I just assume that having still photographers around most of the time to capture a shot that gets it right is really expensive over a production schedule of a week. Otherwise I have no explanation. Would Fox hold back lots of fine pictures? Why?
I'm still guessing but but scanning (early photography won't have been digital) film takes time, somebody need to process it, name it etc.
Yes, I suppose you're right about that. MITM still photography didn't go digital until 2003 as far as I can deduce.

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